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Complete guide to do an erasmus in Madrid

Complete guide to do an erasmus in Madrid

The international exchange of university students is a very appealing offer for those who are looking for new and enriching experiences. Erasmus scholarships support education in Europe and has become one of the most popular university programs for students, with more than 33 countries involved in the project.

The benefits of the Erasmus experience are innumerable for all those who have enjoyed this scholarship, from learning a new language, new academic programs, meeting new students and cultures, living away from home for the first time and getting to know other cities are some of the most repeated benefits for those who have experienced it.

If you are an Erasmus student and you are looking for accommodation in the capital of Spain, take a look at our student flats in Madrid, where you will live an authentic experience, shared with other students coming from different cities and countries of the world.

If it is your first time away from home, and you need to know what the best decision of your life is, so far, here is a small guide with what other students say about their Erasmus experience in Madrid.


  1. You will experience personal and professional growth

The experience will force you to face new challenges on your own, you will travel and share moments with thousands of people that will improve your safety. You will return home with very good feelings and feeling another person, much safer.


  1. Erasmus students must leave their comfort zone

Don't get caught up in yourself or in your own, there's plenty of life outside the room in your student flat in Madrid. If you want to take advantage of this experience you will have to leave your comfort zone to face new challenges and feel better about yourself. During the Erasmus months, you will meet many people from different parts of the world, you will be enriched by traditions and you will grow both personally and professionally.


  1. You will improve your level of Spanish

Improving the level of the language of the country where the Erasmus is going to take place is the reason why most of the students decide to live this experience. During the Erasmus you will receive the classes in the foreign language, and you will face several situations that will make you speak the language to be able to manage in your daily life.


  1. You will become more independent

When you live in a country with a culture and customs very different from your own and you don't have your family and friends around, you will have experiences that make you safer and more independent.


  1. You will have easier access to the job market

Companies value students who have completed an Erasmus grant very highly, as they are looking for people who face problems alone, who are not afraid of change and for whom travelling is not a problem but an opportunity.

In our student flats in Madrid, we will make your Erasmus experience one of the best experiences of your life and we will make you feel at home.

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